Examples of antisocial behaviour

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Anti-social behaviour

  • Excessive or persistent noise e.g. loud music or TV.
  • Abusive or insulting behaviour.
  • Shouting, screaming, swearing or drunkenness.
  • Using violence or threatening to use violence.
  • Vandalism, graffiti or fly–tipping.
  • Using cars or motorbikes illegally.


  • Damage to property, for example, graffiti or vandalism.
  • Verbal abuse and threats of violence.
  • Violent acts.
  • Domestic abuse.
  • Hate crime.

Not antisocial behaviour

  • children playing in the street;
  • children arguing;
  • riding bikes or skateboards;
  • events in the home such as; flushing toilets, cooking smells, smoking in own home, washing machines, babies crying or playing;
  • staring or looking at someone;
  • pets straying across garden areas; or
  • noise from a one-off party or BBQ.