Garages are a great way to store your car securely and safely. We have garages available now across the Wakefield district for you to rent from just £10.00 per week.

It’s really easy to apply to rent a garage from us. To view available garages, access the attached form. If you are interested in any of the garages available please fully complete the form to register your interest. Please note at this time we can only rent garages to individuals that live within 1 mile of the garage location.

rent a garage

If you are a WDH tenant, it costs just £10.00 a week to rent a garage. If you are not a WDH tenant, it costs £12.00 (£10.00 + VAT) a week.

When approving garage applications, we consider the following:

  1. Whether you are disabled (a Blue badge will be accepted as proof).
  2. Whether you are a WDH tenant or not.
  3. Whether you already rent a garage from us or not.
  4. Whether you already owe money to WDH.

Terms of use

Garages will be offered on a first come first served basis. When you register your interest in a garage, you will be asked to provide details of your vehicle registration and before we make a formal offer, we will need to see your ownership documents. Most garages are suitable for small to medium sized vehicles and you should check that your car will fit in the garage before signing the agreement. Garages are intended for private use only and not for commercial activities. You should not sublet your garage to anyone else. You should not store or use any dangerous substances including petrol, paraffin, liquid petroleum gas (LPG), oxygen bottles or any other flammable materials in your garage. If you are offered a garage to rent you will need to sign a Garage Licence Agreement which includes the terms and conditions of how you can use the garage.