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Help your business thrive with a shop to let from WDH!

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About our commercial properties

Here at WDH we're really passionate about helping new and existing businesses to flourish, which is why we offer excellent commercial properties to let at affordable rates.

If you're looking for a shop to rent WDH can offer you:

  • An affordable commercial property in a great location
  • Plenty of experience in the rental sector
  • A dedicated Commercial Team who care about the people as well as the property
  • Practical help and advice for people who want to rent our shops to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible
  • Long and short term leases

A healthy business not only provides essential services to local people but supports the local economy too.

We consider each case on an individual basis, taking into account your proposed use of the premises and the ways your business could benefit the local community.

Here are some examples of what our happy customers have said about our premises, properties and services:

I've never opened my own business before. I had a look at private rental properties but they were much more than what WDH were asking. It's a difficult time for us all, but I was determined to set the business up. Once I settled on the premises, David Bancroft at WDH (Property Management Officer) helped me with everything. He was fantastic. His guidance and experience of getting everything in place made the whole 'starting a business' ordeal a lot smoother than it could have been. The rent was crucial to the business starting – it definitely helps the bottom line.

Amanda Abrams – Owner, Hair Off The Dog

The rent is affordable and we've had great help from WDH to get the shop in shape for bringing in the stock. Now it looks great from the outside as well as inside.

Angela Gray – Prince of Wales Hospice Head of Retail

I hadn't really thought about doing something like this until the property beneath me became available and I realised how reasonable the lease was from WDH. It's one of the main reasons why I've gone for it. It's really affordable and it's basically allowed me to completely redecorate the inside and install a new kitchen so I can have it looking the way I want it to be.

Andy Derrick – Owner, Andy's Snack Shack

I have been a business tenant with WDH for several years and last year we decided to close our pizza business and re-launch as a fast food restaurant. From the moment I told WDH about my dreams for the business they were enthusiastic and couldn’t do enough to help me. WDH were very understanding and it’s clear that they really empathise with business owners and their needs. Anyone who is considering opening a business in the Wakefield area should consider WDH because not only are the rental leasing rates very competitive, they also offer properties that are really well looked after and maintained.

Sayeed Hanif – Owner, Munchi's