Interview tips

Before the interview

  • Research the company and the job role
  • Read the job description fully
  • Be aware of what is essential / desirable
  • Be prepared
  • Think of scenarios that fit what the criteria are
  • Be aware of time / location and possible tasks

First impressions - entrance into the room / greet / hand shake

  • Smile
  • Confident
  • Walk tall
  • Introduce yourself
  • Small talk
  • No gum / food, etc.

Eye contact

  • Try to make eye contact throughout but do not stare

Body language

  • Don't slouch in your chair
  • Sit upright
  • Don't fold arms if it can be helped


  • Smart, clean, ironed clothes
  • Clean hands / face / hair


  • Don't fidget / sit on your hands if nervous!
  • Keep hand movements to a minimum if possible
  • Don't bite nails


  • Don’t rush what you are saying
  • Speak clearly and precisely
  • Try not to use jargon
  • Don't swear
  • Don't speak negatively of previous employers / roles

Answers to questions

  • Ask the interviewer to repeat the question if you are unsure
  • Ask for clarity
  • Answer as much as you can and in details. Don't just explain the scenario, say how you felt, what you learnt, what went well, how you would do it differently and what impact it had.

Is there anything else you'd like to add or ask?

  • Have questions to ask, it shows that you are keen. Career development is a good question to ask
  • If you feel like there’s something you forgot to say or missed out, say it now – last chance!