WDH is committed to recruiting and developing young people from the Wakefield district. Our award-winning apprenticeship programme is just one of the schemes we run that helps us do this - ensuring we have a workforce that will meet the organisation's needs both now and in the future.

Who are we?

We are the biggest housing provider and one of the largest employers in Wakefield. We are much more than bricks and mortar, we go the extra mile to deliver an excellent service to our customers. We innovate, create and regenerate with our commitment to the 31,600 properties we own and manage within the Wakefield district.

Each year we recruit apprentices to meet business demand and look for individuals who share our DNA:

WDH DNA - Determination, Nous and Attitude

Determination - Get the job done, deliver high standards, take ownership. Nous - Act with common sense, actively improve and learn, know your stuff. Attitude - Be helpful and friendly, treat people fairly, keep promises and commitments.

As an apprentice at WDH you will have the opportunity to gain a nationally recognised qualification whilst gaining invaluable skills and real work experience operating in teams across the district.

Vacancies have now closed for 2019.

An overview of the roles offered this year are:


Bricklayers build and repair structures such as walls, chimneys, boundary walls and foundations using various types of blocks and brick. Their work can range from house extensions to building new houses.

Gas Engineer

Gas Engineers specialise in the installation and repair of gas appliances including, central heating boilers and systems, cookers, fires and water heaters. The work is safety critical and you will need to learn how to implement statutory requirements such as the gas safety regulations.


Joiners work with wood on building sites or in residential properties to make, fit or install doors, windows, staircases, floorboards, cupboards, traditional roof trusses and partitions.

Why choose an apprenticeship with WDH?

Why choose an apprenticeship with WDH?

Our apprentices

"An apprenticeship will benefit anyone, no matter what their age."

Office apprentice Whitney Hatto

Whitney Hatto is 22 years old and from Pontefract.

Before joining WDH she studied for her A-Levels at New College, Pontefract. She learnt about WDH’s apprenticeships through her brother who was an apprentice joiner. He told her that WDH also offered office-based apprenticeships.

Whitney completed her apprenticeship and is now a Debt Officer at WDH. Her apprenticeship has supported her to progress her career.

Whitney said: “I think that an apprenticeship will benefit anyone, no matter what their age, and it will also give them a lot of opportunities in different areas of the business.

"Valuable experience of the workplace."

IT Apprentice Liam Haylett

Liam Haylett is a 20-year-old from Castleford. He is currently in his final year on an IT apprenticeship with WDH.

Before beginning his apprenticeship, Liam completed a Level 3 BTEC in IT at New College, Pontefract. He had heard about WDH’s apprenticeship scheme through friends, and seen adverts in the local newspaper.

Liam said: "Thanks to my apprenticeship I have been successful in my quest to gain confidence in IT and what I do. It has also given me valuable experience of the workplace."

"Opened up good opportunities."

IT Apprentice Beth Lewis

Beth Lewis is a 19-year-old from Castleford.

She applied for her office-based apprenticeship while she was studying for her GCSEs at Castleford Academy after seeing the vacancy advertised in the careers section at her school.

Beth was successful in becoming an Modern Office Apprentice in which she worked in different areas of the business gaining administrative skills whilst completing her qualifications in housing and business administration.

Beth said: "My apprenticeship has opened up good opportunities for me. Completing my apprenticeship gave me the confidence to apply for further roles at WDH, and I am now working as an Involvement Officer in the Engagement Team.

It also gave me the foundation to apply for other opportunities that WDH has to offer, such as the Leadership Extended Achievement Programme and the Community Leadership Programme."

"Do research on WDH to help you when applying."

Apprentice joiner Lewis Marley

Lewis Marley is an 18-year-old from South Kirkby. He joined WDH in August 2015 as an apprentice joiner.

Lewis had started the apprenticeship after finishing school at Minsthorpe Community College. He had always wanted to do a joinery apprenticeship to follow in his dad’s and grandad’s foot steps.

Lewis chose to apply for an apprenticeship with WDH after attending the apprentice fairs where he had spoken to WDH and found out what they was about. He had heard good reviews about WDH and also did research on the website to find out what the organisation does.

Lewis says: "If you are applying for an apprenticeship with WDH make sure that you fill in your application as much as possible, with relevant skills, knowledge and experience and do research on WDH to help you when applying."

"Sell yourself!"

Apprentice gas engineer Tom Yates

Tom Yates is a 20-year-old from Barnsley. He joined WDH in August 2015 as an apprentice gas engineer.

Before applying for the apprenticeship, Tom had previously completed 2 year at Barnsley College doing a plumbing course. He first became interest in this trade when he did a 3 week work experience whilst at school. In school holidays he volunteered at Meah’s to get experience working with boilers and he really enjoyed that as there was a wide variety of work involved.

Tom said: “If you are interested in an apprenticeship with WDH, just go for it, you have nothing to lose. Make sure you put as much information on your CV as you can and sell yourself!”