Our commitment to

Financial Inclusion

We are committed to making sure all our customers and tenants have the skills, knowledge and confidence to make the financial choices that are right for them.

We do this by offering guidance on a whole range of money management aspects so that our tenants maximise their income and are able to budget effectively.

Our tenants will be empowered to make changes to improve their quality of life and wellbeing.

By working with partner organisations, our financial inclusion work is proactive and preventative in helping current and prospective tenants so that they can avoid financial difficulty and are better placed to maintain their tenancies.

We do this by making sure tenants have access to:

  • an appropriate bank or credit union account;
  • affordable credit and money management advice;
  • support with debt and rent arrears;
  • money saving tips and discount schemes; and
  • help with Welfare Benefit entitlement or accessing available grants.

By making our tenants financially capable we will:

  • reduce risky borrowing behaviour leading to debt;
  • improve health and increase confidence;
  • create an environment where these financial skills are passed on to family and friends;
  • improve awareness of financial planning for events such as Christmas, birthdays or emergencies; and
  • know when to spot the early warning signs for potential debt issues so they can be dealt with early on.

Our Cash Wise team provides support to our tenants and prospective tenants in relation to their financial worries across the district. Support is delivered primarily in the form of one to one home visits or by appointment at convenient community locations. The team also deliver a range of engaging workshops to help improve tenancy sustainment and financial confidence.

Our Cash Wise website is full of useful information around managing money, job advice, cooking healthy food on a budget and help with benefit issues. There site also has an easy to use budget calculator to help you understand your incomings and outgoings.

If you are struggling with your money or your tenancy you can self-refer for support through the website and a member of the team will contact you back.