What our tenants say

Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM) Survey results 2023

In August 2023, we surveyed more than 2,500 of our tenants and shared owners to collect their views on the services WDH provides and find out how satisfied they are. Thank you to all our customers who took part.

The survey was part of the new Tenant Satisfaction Measures standard, created by the Regulator of Social Housing to find out how well social housing landlords in England are doing at providing good quality homes and services. As well as introducing revised consumer standards, it also involves a set of tenant satisfaction measures that social housing landlords must report on. People will be able to use these measures to understand how well landlords are doing.

The results help us to understand customers' opinions of our services, monitor our progress, benchmark against other landlords, meet regulatory requirements and provide findings that allow us to take action to address dissatisfaction.

Our results show us that WDH has strong levels of satisfaction across a wide range of services, including our overall service, which 82% of tenants are happy with. This is a very positive outcome and is a reflection of the work our teams do each day.

The areas for improvement provide an opportunity for us to focus on the things that will make our customers' experience even better.

Areas of celebration

  • 82% of tenants are satisfied with the overall service provided.
  • 88% of tenants say they are supported to maintain their tenancy – this is a 13% increase from the last survey.
  • 83% of tenants are satisfied their home is well maintained and 87% are satisfied it is safe.
  • 87% of customers are satisfied with recent repairs while 83% are satisfied with the time their repairs took to be completed.
  • 84% say they feel treated fairly and with respect by WDH.
  • 83% say they are satisfied that their rent represents value for money.
  • 81% say they feel WDH keeps them well informed.
  • These results compare very well against other social landlords using the TSM questions this year. WDH ranks in the top quartile on nine of the twelve other measures.

Areas for improvement

  • The lowest areas of satisfaction were with WDH listening to and acting on customers' views (73%), and WDH's approach to handling anti-social behaviour (62%) and complaints (43%).
  • In line with national results, our shared owners tend to be less satisfied with our services (67% are satisfied with our overall service) than our tenants.
  • Most residents are very positive about the current service. However, some would like to see improvements to the repairs service, in particular, the timescales to complete work and dealing with outstanding repairs (10%), whilst others would like improvements to their homes in the form of updated kitchens and bathrooms and new windows (11%).
  • Age is a factor in determining satisfaction levels. However, the area a customer lives in appears to make little difference, suggesting a consistent service is being delivered across the district.

What we'll do next

Action plans are being developed to identify what we can do to address areas of dissatisfaction. We'll share these actions with tenants who were involved and our Customer Committee to sense check these and ensure they meet customer need.

Following this, a working group will be formed to take actions forward, and progress will be reported to our Corporate Management Team (CMT) throughout the year.

"All the staff are very kind and respectful." – WDH customer
"The area is nice; the neighbours are great. Repairs are done very fast." – WDH customer
"I've been a tenant for 18 months and everything has been fine right from the beginning, from application to moving in." - WDH customer
"I have a lovely house and the staff have been helpful." – WDH customer