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What causes condensation?

Find out what causes condensation to form.

Condensation is the number one cause of household problems with damp and mould. Condensation, or little water droplets on a surface, happens when warm, moist air meets a cold surface (like a cold glass of pop on a warm day) or when cold air meets a warm, moist surface (like windows on a cold morning).

Those little water droplets can cause bigger problems if left to settle. If left, you will probably start to see black mould growing on walls, tiles, or furniture. To help you understand more about condensation, read our ‘Move it, wipe it, open it’ fact sheet.

There are lots of things that can cause the air in your home to become moist such as:

drying clothes indoors;
having a hot bath or shower;
cooking; and
 boiling a kettle.
All of us create moisture when we breathe, especially if we’re active at home.

For advice on managing condensation at home, click here.


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