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Questions and answers about Coronavirus

Are we still going to be charged rent whilst there are restrictions in place as a result of Coronavirus?

We have been monitoring the announcements being made by government relating to rent and other payments as well as support through the benefits system, although fuller details are not yet available.  However there are  currently no plans for a ‘rent holiday’  Your contractual rent will continue to be charged however WDH is committed to providing support and advice and ensuring that no tenant faces the added concern of losing their home as a result of this situation.

What do I do if I can’t pay my rent due to self-isolating as a result of symptoms or a diagnosis of Coronavirus?

If your financial circumstances have changed as a result of the Coronavirus, you may need to contact the DWP or the local authority Housing and Council Tax Benefit Service in your area for advice in relation to any support you may now be entitled to. 

Are WDH going to offer any assistance with rent payments if I am unable to work or have lost my employment?

You need to seek advice about support towards your rent payments and living costs and we would advise that you contact the DWP; we cannot give specific advice about any benefit entitlement as this is influenced by many factors.

Can WDH bring forward the ‘rent-free weeks’ to help during this time?

We cannot change the timing of the ‘rent free weeks’ but will give you advice around your payment arrangements and look to reach a mutually acceptable agreement that you are able to keep.

What is WDH doing to protect their employees/customers during this time? 

We want to make sure that tenants and employees are kept safe and well so we have put a number of measures in place to minimise the risk of exposure to the virus for you and our employees.

With regards to the services you can expect from us, we will continue to support tenants and visit homes to carry out repairs where it is safe to do so. If we do need to postpone a visit, we will contact you to let you know.