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What is an emergency repair?

Emergency repairs

Emergency repairs have an immediate health and safety risk to you, your home or your neighbours.

Emergency repairs include:

  • Flood or fire
  • Smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors sounding or not working
  • Blocked and overflowing drains
  • A blocked toilet (where there is only one toilet)
  • Serious structural damage
  • Complete loss of electricity supply
  • Complete heating or hot water failure
  • Failure of a (Scheme Manager / Community Support Worker) alarm / call system such as Care Link
  • Being locked out of the property (For example: if the lock is faulty or key snaps in the lock) 
  • Your property is insecure such as unable to close windows or external doors.

If you are unsure if your repair is an emergency or not, or there are other factors we need to consider, please phone OneCALL on 0345 8 507 507 for further advice.

If your home is a Shared Ownership property phone 01977 788830

If your repair is not an emergency please complete the online Log a repair form.


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