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Do I need to tell you if Oxygen cylinders are stored or used in my home?

Letting us know if you are using Oxygen at home - What you should do, and, be aware of if Oxygen is used in your home for medical reasons.

If you need to use oxygen cylinders at your home, because of a medical condition, you must tell us immediately by calling OneCALL on 0345 8 507 507.  We will work with you to agree suitable safe storage arrangements.  The Fire Service will be made aware and they will contact you accordingly

You should be instructed in the use of the oxygen equipment by the NHS, as they would normally provide this equipment.

Avoid using any oil, WD40, grease or hand cream when handling oxygen equipment as these are known to contribute to ignition.  If any valves are hard to use inform the supplier, the equipment may need returning to the supplier for repair.

Most oxygen equipment provides a constant flow of gas to the person, most of which escapes as this is not inhaled by the user.  This oxygen leaks out and if the person is bedridden, oxygen collects over bedding and is at serious risk of igniting.  If the person smokes, then striking a match could ignite the bedding causing a serious fire and injury.

The risk is reduced if ‘demand delivery’ is used; these only provide oxygen when the person is breathing in, you should ask the provider to explain which type they are supplying to you.

Accidental damage to the regulator or cylinder can have serious results.  If the cylinder falls and the stem of the regulator is damaged by impact, there is a risk of the regulator becoming a projectile.  

Acceptable methods of storing oxygen cylinders include:

  • cylinders stored upright in a cart; or
  • securing them to a wall in an upright position.  If this is the option required then you must check with us before this is carried out.

This storage information applies to both full and near empty cylinders, as there is no way of telling for sure if a cylinder is empty or not.

Our employees will not adjust, change or move oxygen bottles, you should contact the supplier or NHS if you are having problems with your cylinder.

Please note: When your tenancy ends the installation must be removed and all services should be repaired and the property returned to its original status, if this work is not left to an expect standard we will complete the required work the full cost of this will be your responsibility and you will be recharged for this.

Should a fire occur

Immediately raise the alarm and call 999 and ask for the Fire Service.

Do not go near the cylinder if there is a fire.

Tell the Fire Service on arrival, where all the cylinders are.