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How are decisions made?

How we make decisions - Our Corporate Management Board is responsible for managing us, within the rules and policies agreed by the Board.

Our Board

We are registered with the Regulator of Social Housing, which regulates independent housing organisations throughout the country.  We meet the Regulator of Social Housing’s registration conditions and keep to its regulatory code.  This makes sure that we are run well and gives you services which are managed properly.

Our Board is legally accountable for the ownership of our properties and has overall responsibility for running the organisation.  It agrees our strategies and policies, and our overall service development and sets the strategic direction for the organisation.  Our Board is made up of between seven and 11 members, chosen for their particular skills, knowledge and experience to ensure we have a strong and effective Board. 

Neighbourhood Panels

There are seven Neighbourhood Panels, one for each neighbourhood in the Wakefield district.  Panels are made up of tenants and community representatives.  Each panel is chaired by a tenant and the seven panel chairs are also members of the Customer Committee, which is a subcommittee of the Board.

The Neighbourhood Panels help to determine local priorities and contribute to the development, implementation and challenge of local plans and engagement strategies.

 Who can be a Board or Neighbourhood Panel Member? 

Our Board and Neighbourhood Panels aim to make sure local people are directly involved in identifying priorities for their area and providing local solutions to local issues.

We need to have the right people helping us make decisions, so we are very thorough when choosing Board and Panel members and have a rigorous recruitment and selection process for new members of the Board and Neighbourhood Panels.  Wakefield Council nominates its Neighbourhood Panel representatives based on their relevant skills and experience.  To encourage other local people to become involved, we advertise locally and nationally when Board vacancies become available.