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How do I add or remove a name on a tenancy?

Adding or removing a person on a tenancy. Joint tenancy information.

Joint tenancy

A joint tenancy is where the tenancy is in two names.  With a joint tenancy, all tenants are responsible for all parts of the tenancy, (for example, paying the rent or making sure visitors do not create any nuisance).  

This means if one tenant breaks a tenancy condition, we can hold the other tenant responsible.

Adding a person to your tenancy

To add your spouse or partner to create a joint tenancy you need to complete a joint tenancy form and a Homesearch application form.

You need to have been living with your partner for at least 12 months to be eligible – unless you are married or have a civil partnership, in which case the time frame does not apply.

We will visit the property to check there are no problems before the forms can be approved.

Both parties will be then be sent a letter to invite them to sign the new Tenancy Agreement.

Forms are available from any of our service access points.

Removing a person from a joint tenancy

If you would like to remove your name from a tenancy you need to complete a form, which is available from any of our service access points.

If there are no problems with the tenancy (so, for example, you have no rent arrears or caused no damage to the property) deeds will be drawn up that requires both parties to sign.


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