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Can I buy or lease land from WDH?

Owner occupiers can apply to buy or lease land from us, and our tenants can apply to rent land for a specific purpose, such as garden land or driveway.

First you need to contact our Commercial Team by email, phone 01977 788605, or by writing to us at: 

Commercial Team
Merefield House
Whistler Drive
WF10 5HX

You will need to tell us the specific location of the land you are interested in and how you intend to use it.  For example you may want to use the land to increase the size of your garden. This information will help us to make an initial assessment.

If we are able to proceed further with your request, we will send you an application form to complete. You should return this to us together with an administration fee of £200. This fee is non-returnable whether or not your application is successful and covers our costs to process your application. Payment can be made by cheque made payable to WDH, or by contacting OneCALL 0345 8 507 507.

Is there a cost?
Yes, apart from the non-returnable administration fee detailed above, you will be required to pay the purchase price of the land or annual rent for the land, you will also have to pay our surveyors and legal fees which are:

Land sales

  • Surveyors fees are 10% of the value of the land subject to a minimum of £300. This is to pay for the valuation and other work associated with the purchase.
  • Plan fee £125 for the preparation and provision of the sale plan
  • Legal fees are 10% of the value of the land subject to a minimum of £300 to pay for costs incurred in drawing up the legal documentation related to the purchase.

Lease of land

  • Surveyors fees - £125. This is to pay for the work associated with the lease which we are offering to you
  • Plan fee - £125 for the preparation and provision of the agreement plan
  • Legal fees - £100 to pay for costs incurred in drawing up the legal documentation

Are there any areas of land I cannot buy or lease?

Yes there are areas of land that we might not want to sell, for example, an area with trees, as we want to keep the environment pleasant for the people who live there. If you have had an application to buy land turned down then we may consider offering you a lease of the land instead and this option would be discussed with you at the time. There are also some areas we will not want to offer under a rental agreement.

Licence Agreement terms and conditions

There are some circumstances where we may consider enabling you to occupy some of our land under a licence agreement.  

An agreement does not give you a legal interest in the land, but gives you the right to occupy it (in common with other people), generally on a short-term or annual basis, paying rent yearly.  You will generally not have exclusive use of land which is offered under a licence. The licence fee is calculated depending on the type of use and the size of the land. The agreement can be terminated by either you or WDH at very short notice.

The process for occupying land, under a licence, is the same as that for buying or leasing land. The administration fee and plan preparation fee are payable as above, however surveyors’ and legal fees are at a rate of £125 and £100 respectively.

If you are a WDH tenant and wish to rent an area of land contact the Commercial Team for details. 


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