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Am I entitled to Welfare Benefits?

Finding out how to claim benefits / Universal Credit and information about Welfare Reform.

It’s worth checking to see if you are eligible for any state benefits, because many people aren’t claiming their full entitlement.

Our Cash Wise team can help you with welfare benefit enquiries filling out Welfare Benefit forms and any other money related problems you may have. To get one to one support visit the Cash Wise website and either complete the online contact form or phone 01977 724651.  It also contains useful information around Welfare Reform changes and ways to make your money go further.

There are various other ways to find out what other benefits might be available to you.

You can find out more about Universal Credit by logging into your online account.

How Welfare Reform affects you
The Government introduced a wide range of changes to the benefits system in April 2013, most of these changes are likely to affect people of “working age”.

To learn more about the changes Turn2us have also provided a useful Benefit Changes Timetable on all the benefits affected by Welfare Reform.

Help filling out Welfare Benefit forms

DIAL is an advice and information service run by and for disabled people.  They can help you complete your benefit forms.  If you need help appealing a disability benefit decision, they may be able to help you, but they may request a contribution from you if the appeal is successful.

How your Housing Benefit will be paid

You will be given a choice about how your Housing Benefit will be paid, but we would prefer you to ask your local authority to pay your Housing Benefit directly into your rent account.

You will be sent you a notification of how much Housing Benefit you have been awarded by the authority you applied with, if you have any queries please contact them.  If there is a shortfall in the benefit paid and the rent you pay, you must make up the difference to WDH.  Housing Benefit will be paid to us every four weeks.

If you are worried about getting behind with your rent phone our Central Debyt team pn 01977 724464

How Housing Benefit may be affected if your circumstances change
The amount of Housing Benefit you claim may be affected if your circumstances change. A 'change in circumstances' would include changes in income, savings and people leaving or joining the household.

If you delay in telling the Housing and Council Tax Benefit Service about changes in circumstances, this may result in an overpayment of Housing Benefit, which you would have to pay back, or you may lose out on additional entitlement.

If you knowingly claim benefit that you are not entitled to, you will have to repay the money – and you may also be prosecuted for fraud.

Are you receiving Housing Benefit and / or Council Tax Support and need to send some more information?

Most local authorities have an online contact form you can submit information on,  let them know if you are:

  • moving house;
  • other changes; or,
  • you just want to send some extra information about your Benefit claim.

Are you receiving Housing Benefit and / or Council Tax Support and your circumstances have changed? 

If your circumstances change don’t rely on someone else to let your local authority know, it is your responsibility to tell them straight away.  If you don't, you could be overpaid and have to pay money back.  A change in circumstances could include things like:

  • starting or losing a job, or working more or less hours;
  • someone moves in or out;
  • moving to a different address;
  • other benefits starting or stopping; or,
  • other changes to your income or the amount of money you have.

When you tell them about your changes they will need:

  • your name, address and postcode;
  • your National Insurance number; and,
  • your claim reference number (if you know it).



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