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What do I need to know about living in a low rise block?

Building safety for residents in low rise blocks. What to do if a fire breaks out.

Building safety

The safety of all residents living in properties of multi-occupancy, such as low rise blocks, is very important to WDH and all residents must comply with WDH policies.

To reduce the risks of fires in common areas of low rise blocks, WDH have adopted a ‘zero tolerance’ approach and will not allow personal items to be stored in any common area. To ensure compliance with this approach, WDH will check areas at least every six months to make sure items are not placed in these areas.

If there is a fire in the building

If a fire occurs in your apartment, or your apartment is affected by smoke, you should leave the block immediately closing the door behind you.

Leave the building, call the fireservice by dialling 999 on the nearest phone. This is a free service, even from your mobile and you won’t need money if you have to use a call box. Wait a safe distance away from the building for the fire service, you canthen advise them where the fire is.

You should only return to the block when authorised to do so by a fire officer or by one of our employees.

For more information see our factsheet Fire safety in low rise blocks or contact OneCALL on 0345 8 507 507


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