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How can i get help to save money on my gas and electricity bills?

Getting help to switch your energy supplier

Are your energy bills costing you more than they should? Switch your tariff with us and you could save £££s!


We are helping tenants and residents to find a better energy deal.

Our comparison and switching service offers a free, impartial, whole of market comparison and makes switching supplier easy and hassle free.

Benefits of switching with us:

  • One-to-one support and advice
  • A whole-of-market comparison

You can arrange an appointment with a Sustainability Officer to see if you can save money on your energy bills and for advice and support to switch either by emailing sustainabilityteam@wdh.co.uk by phoning OneCALL on 0345 8 507 507 or in person by visiting any of our service access points during their opening hours.

 All you’ll need is a copy of your latest energy bill or annual statement.

If you would like help or any further advice and support to switch you can either:



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