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How do I thaw the frozen (condensate) pipe from my boiler?

How to defrost a frozen condensate boiler pipe

You may be able to thaw frozen condensate pipes without having to log it as a repair, if you follow the guidelines below.

Thawing your condensate pipe.

  • Use hot water – not boiling – heated by a kettle or a microwave and pour over the end of the pipe where it is frozen using a suitable container like a watering can.
  •  Hold a hot water bottle or heat wrap around the condensate pipe.
  • Once the pipe has thawed you should re-set your boiler by holding in the re-set button for 10 seconds and wait for the boiler to re-fire.

You can watch Worcester Bosch Group's self-help film to help you understand how to do it.  You will need to be registered for your online account to view any of our other useful self-help films - have your tenancy reference number to hand. 


  • Never attempt to thaw a condensate pipe above waist level, or disconnect the condensate pipe in order to do so.
  • Never attempt to access the condensate pipe or any other pipe work within the boiler.
  • Beware of ice on the ground that will form from the water you have poured.

If in any doubt, phone OneCALL on 0345 8 507 507.



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