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How do I get involved with WDH services?

Getting Involved and helping to shape our organisation.

We aim to provide a wide range of opportunities for people using our services to help influence and shape them, so we can be confident we are doing the right things.

Although we know that the majority of customers are happy with our services, we never stop looking for ways to improve what we do.

We understand that the best way to do it is through hearing the voices of our customers; the people who know best.  By listening carefully, we can be sure that the decisions we make, locally and district wide are the right ones.

Board member

We have a Board of Directors, responsible for the strategic direction of the organisation, deciding the policies and reviewing performance. Board members are chosen for their particular skills and experience.

Neighbourhood Panel member

There are seven panels – one for each neighbourhood in the Wakefield district. The role of Neighbourhood Panels is to determine local priorities and contribute to the development, implementation and challenge of local plans and engagement strategies. Tenants form the majority membership of panels and each one has a tenant chair.

Tenants’ and residents’ groups

By joining or starting a tenants’ and residents’ group you can make a real difference to your neighbourhood, from a single apartment block to a whole community. We really value the part groups play in making their areas better places to live.

We offer a wide range of support to help new groups get off the ground and existing groups to carry on their good work. To find out more, contact our Engagement Team by email or phone 01977 788677.

Customer Panel

We are committed to making sure our services, performance and regulations can be scrutinised.  As a member of our Customer Panel you will help to make sure this happens, providing a tenant lead approach to looking at services which directly affect you. As a Customer Panel member, you can be involved as much or as little as you like to act as a critical friend, to take an independent view on our performance, assess it against agreed standards and ensure that the services we provide and both tenant centred and industry leading.

The Customer Panel is digital by design, meaning that opportunities to be involved, updates and rewards will be emailed to you on a regular basis.

Opportunities to get involved include, but are not limited to;

  • Policy reviews;
  • Surveys;
  • Focus groups;
  • In-depth service reviews;
  • New service testing
  • Promotional materials; and
  • Individual views and opinions.

To join the Customer Panel, please complete the Customer Panel Registration Form.

Resident Involvement Monitoring Group

The Resident Involvement Monitoring Group (RIMG) examine and evaluate our resident involvement work and performance.  Acting as a “critical friend” they help us to be effective by offering a customer viewpoint and constructive challenge of our work.  They help us to be sure we offer value for money and that the views of residents influence our services and decision making.

As an individual

You can make a difference by having your say as an individual tenant.  You could:

  • comment on key policies as part of our Customer Panel;
  • speak to us as part of local consultations;
  • take part in surveys about the services we provide; or
  • help us to monitor our grounds maintenance performance.

Our support

If you would like to become involved but have any concerns or feel you may experience difficulties which could stop you, please contact our Engagement Team by email.  We work hard to ensure we are as inclusive as possible in creating these opportunities.


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