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How do I get involved with WDH services?

Getting Involved and helping to shape our organisation.

We want everyone who uses our services to feel they can get involved in how we run and develop them. We are continually looking at how we can improve the way we consult with you and get you involved.

You have told us you are very satisfied with our services and the way we involve you in making decisions. Satisfaction surveys help us improve our services further and make sure we continue to involve you in ways that work for you. 

Board member

We have a Board of Directors, responsible for the strategic direction of the organisation, deciding the policies and reviewing performance. Board members are chosen for their particular skills and experience.

Neighbourhood Panel member

There are seven panels – one for each neighbourhood in the Wakefield district. The role of Neighbourhood Panels is to determine local priorities and contribute to the development, implementation and challenge of local plans and engagement strategies. Tenants form the majority membership of panels and each one has a tenant chair.

Tenants’ and residents’ associations

Through tenants’ and residents’ associations you can get involved in your neighbourhood, representing just a few streets or a whole estate. We offer support to new and existing tenants’ groups. You can find out more about current groups, or about starting your own group, contact our Engagement Team by email or phone 01977 788677.

Customer Excellence Group

We are committed to making sure our services, performance and regulations can be scrutinised. As a member of our Customer Excellence Group (CEG) you will help to make sure this happens, providing a tenant led approach to looking at services which directly affect you. As a CEG member you act as a critical friend, taking an independent view of our performance, assessing it against agreed standards, to make sure our services are tenant centred and of the highest standard. This could include carrying out inspections to monitor and improve our services.

 As an individual

You can also get involved and have your say as an individual tenant.  You could:

  • represent your apartment block or street;
  • give your views by joining one of our phone or online panels;
  • go to drop-in sessions and focus groups; or
  • fill in surveys on the services we provide.

You can call in at any service access point or visit our mobile hub to let us have your views and opinions.

Service review

This is a chance for you to improve our service. You can help us to check policies and service standards or get involved in testing new services. The service areas covered include, but are not limited to:

  • repairs and maintenance;
  • cash collection and service charges;
  • housing for older people;
  • allocations;
  • estate management; and
  • tenant involvement and customer care.

Focus groups

Our focus groups have no more than 10 tenants who are invited to take part in an informal discussion on specific issues.  An employee will attend but cannot take part in the discussion, they will take notes and ask specific questions to get everyone involved.

Our support

We can offer you transport to venues to help you take part and refreshments when you get there. We also make sure the venues we use are accessible for everyone.  If you would like to get involved, please contact our Engagement Team by email or phone 01977 788677.



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