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How are rents calculated?

How we calculate your rent and service charges

General information - 2023 / 2024

As a Housing Association WDH follow Government guidance and regulation when we set our rents on an annual basis.

From April 2020, the Government announced that rent increases will be at CPI plus 1% for the next five years. This followed a four year period of 1% rent reductions for the majority of our tenants.

The 2022 September CPI figure was 10.1%, which means the rent increase using the CPI plus 1% formula would have been 11.1%.

However, the Government has announced that the rent increase for 2023 / 2024 will be capped at 7.0% for most social housing tenants.  No cap was applied to supported housing rents due to the higher costs associated with providing this type of accommodation.

How will the changes affect me? 

Social, Affordable and Intermediate Rent tenants
Rents will increase by 7.0% from Monday 3 April 2023.

Supported Housing tenants
Rents will increase by 11.1% from Monday 3 April 2023.

Shared ownership tenants
The annual rent variation is included within each specific lease and is based on a specific monthly RPI value plus 0.5%.

The Government has applied a rent cap of 7.0% on shared ownership rent increases for 2023 / 2024 from Saturday 1 April 2023.

Garage tenants
Garage rents will increase by 11.1% from Monday 3 April 2023.

Rent levels for social housing are guided by the Government. Further information on the Rent Standard can be found here:

Rent Standard and guidance - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

If you have any questions about rent calculations please contact OneCALL on 0345 8 507 507.

Additional charges

Along with your rent, you may pay service charges.  These charges are for services which may not be provided to everyone, or for shared facilities rather than for a particular home.  Some tenants receive different types of service, according to their needs.

We will only make a service charge where necessary to do so.  Examples of service charges include:

·        the cost of meals in Extra Care Schemes;

·        using a Care Link alarm system;

·        use of communal facilities in a sheltered scheme;

·        district heating; and

·        the provision of a lift.

We will make sure all service charges represent value for money, are of a high standard and are in line with current good practice.  This is achieved by calculating charges on an annual basis to show the economic cost of providing the service to everyone who uses it. 

Universal Credit / Housing Benefit

To register a claim for Universal Credit / Housing Benefit you will need to make a claim to your local authority.  You can find more information on the Universal Credit pages of the Gov.UK website.

Wakefield district residents can visit the Housing Benefit web pages at Wakefield Council. If you live outside the Wakefield district please contact your local authority benefits office.


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