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How do I apply / register for a mutual exchange?

How to apply for a mutual exchange

Who can exchange tenancies?

Most of our tenants are assured tenants.  Assured tenants can exchange their home with secure Council tenants or with other housing association assured tenants.

To help you exchange you can register your information and find information about other tenants wanting to exchange on the Homeswapper website www.homeswapper.co.uk

If you are a starter tenant you will not be able to exchange properties until your probationary period has ended and your tenancy has become a full assured tenancy. This is usually after 12 months.

You must not move home without getting written permission from us.

How do I apply?

When you find someone to exchange with, both of you should fill in and return the exchange form available from any of our service access points

What happens next?

A WDH employee will call to see you to check your current home and talk to you about your exchange application. Gas and Electrical safety checks may also be required.  After the visit we will send you a letter saying either:

  • the exchange can go ahead - this is full permission;
  • it can only go ahead if certain conditions are met - this is conditional permission; or,
  • you cannot exchange. 

What if I am refused permission to exchange?

If we refuse your application we will write to you explaining why. If you are unhappy with this decision, you can appeal explaining your reasons.

What if I get conditional permission?

If there is a problem that needs resolving before you can move, you will be able to exchange as long as you do whatever is needed first.  When you have put the problem right, tell the service access point.  If they are satisfied with what you have done, they will grant you full permission.

Never exchange homes without first getting WDH’s written permission. 

Both parties must move into their new homes. If one of them doesn’t, the other one must return to their original home as they have no legal right to stay in the new property.

Please note: If you are a protected assured tenant, exchanging your home may affect your protected rights.

For more information on mutual exchanges please visit the Mutual Exchange page on the Homesearch website.  Alternatively, you can contact OneCALL on 0345 8 507 507.



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