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When will the grass on our estate get cut?

Grass cutting and landscape maintenance on WDH estates.

Grass cutting generally runs from the beginning of April through to October, although our contractors may start earlier or finish later when mild weather encourages grass growth outside the normal period.   During this time, we will make sure that our areas are cut on a regular basis and kept neat and tidy.  Paths, steps and other adjoining areas will be blown free from cuttings.

Shrub beds are also visited routinely in order to clear weeds and litter as well as being cut back at least twice a year to keep growth under control and hedges will be maintained outside of the bird nesting season.

We are unable to cut the grass in very wet weather as the machinery may cause damage to the land.

Please contact OneCALL on 0345 8 507 507 if you need more information about grass cutting on our estates.



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