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How long will it take to resolve my antisocial behaviour case and what action can WDH take?

Dealing with antisocial behaviour cases and what action we can take.

Wherever possible, we will try to sort out any problems informally and help the people involved to sort out their differences.

We can arrange mediation (independent help to sort out a problem) between the people involved, if they all agree.

If a person continues to cause antisocial behaviour ,we can take appropriate enforcement action which will be proportionate to the case. These actions can include:

  • taking out an injunction (a legal order that tells a person what they can or cannot do) against the person responsible;
  • applying for a possession order against the person responsible (an order which means we can take back their home);

For more information read our ASB Procedure Summary. Further support and advice is available on the Victim Support and Stop Hate UK websites, by logging in to your online account or visiting our Community Safety web pages.

The length of time it takes to deal with antisocial behaviour cases can vary depending on whether there is a need to take legal action.



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