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What care services do you offer?

Care Link – personal alarms and care at home services

Care Link is a service that allows elderly and vulnerable people to continue living in their own home using the latest technology in personal alarms and home sensors.

Depending on their individual circumstances, customers are given personal alarms, such as a pendant to wear on the wrist or around the neck, which can be pressed to receive immediate assistance in the event of an accident.

Care Link also provides home visits and even a ‘take a break’ service for carers.
Visit our Care Link Packages web page for more information.

It’s not just the elderly who can benefit from a personal alarm system in their own home.  Care Link has more than 15,000 customers, some are vulnerable, have a disability or just want some added security.

Care Link is not just for WDH tenants and residents. You can get Care Link if you own your own home or rent from another housing association or private landlord. (Terms and conditions apply.)

Care Link gives carers and family members peace of mind knowing their loved ones have help and support at the touch of a button.  

For more information about how Care Link can work for you, a relative or friend, please contact the Care Link team by email or phone 01977 788000.


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