Young people attend diversity workshops

Published 8 September 2015

WDH has awarded a Community Grant for over £400 to the Afemai Children’s Trust to help them run workshops on culture and diversity.

The sessions were attended by young people from the local traveller community, and the aim of the workshops was to enable them to learn more about different cultures and diversity.

They took part in activities including African drumming, self-defence classes, t-shirt making and various arts and crafts. The workshops were used to engage children and young people, to develop their understanding of team work, presentation skills and community leadership.

The Self Defence class was also attended by representatives of the Neighbourhood Panel who then presented the Cheque to Oshione and some of the workshop participants Melissa Barras, Indiana Barras and Clara Varey.

Oshione Ekpeh from the Afemai Children’s Trust said: “The project opened the minds of the traveller community within the area and the other local residents. It helped to make the area a more harmonious and a less isolated place to live. By delivering this project we broke down barriers and empowered people to be confident about their heritage.”

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