Eco-friendly prize for top energy saving tips

Published 13 March 2018

WDH’s Sustainability Team handed over a hamper full of eco-friendly products to two lucky tenants as part of Fuel Poverty Awareness Day last month.

The prize bundle included useful energy saving products, including a slow cooker, a blanket, a draught excluder, grow your own herbs, pegs, a tea towel, a water bottle, washing up liquid, a laundry egg, a WDH metre box key and fair trade chocolate.

Jeanette Hunter, from Lupset won the prize after sending in her top tip on how she saves energy.  

“I bought remote controls that turn my plug sockets on and off. It doesn’t matter if I can’t reach behind the TV or sofa to manually turn things off, a couple of clicks and done, all off. I have halved my electric bill since I bought them.”

On winning the prize she said: “I’m over the moon that I’ve won. I loved the doorstop and I’m certainly looking forward to using the laundry egg. I have got my bills down to £19 a month just by using the remotes. I hope other people take notice of my tip, especially at Christmas as they are so handy. Thank you WDH for my lovely prize.”


Ingrid Lynch, from Castleford, won the second hamper as part of a prize draw when the team visited Service Access Points across the district to offer advice to tenants on Fuel Poverty Awareness Day.

Ingrid said: “I’m shocked at winning and I will certainly use the hamper. I just put the heating on when I need it. I also have curtains to keep out draughts to save energy. I’m very excited about using the slow cooker. Thank you, it’s brilliant.”

 WDH Sustainability Officer, John Pickles said: “A household struggling to heat their home could lead to a range of serious cold and damp related illnesses. We visited our service access points to guide and help tenants on how to make their homes warmer, more comfortable and cheaper to heat.  We were really overwhelmed by the response from our tenants sending in their own energy saving tips and I hope the two eco-friendly hampers prove useful to the winners.”


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