WDH's Capital works team continue to engage with residents to increase customer satisfaction

Published 3 September 2021

WDH's Capital works team continue to trial new methods of engagement with residents on their capital reinvestment projects across the district to help increase customer satisfaction.

Recently, Pervez Khaliq, WDH's Project Officer and Katrina Backhouse, WDH's Delivery Manager joined forces with John Scarr, WDH's Engagement Manager to take their mobile exhibition unit to a consultation event at Beech Avenue, Crofton in preparation for the next external roofing project due to commence.  The project will see 62 properties receive a new roof, new rendering around the windows and the addition of a new porch. The improvements are due to begin in September 2021.

Over 30 residents from Beech Avenue and Middle Lane attended the event where they could ask questions and see photos of the works at each stage in the process. For the first time at one of these events, the team also gave the residents an architectural drawing, provided by AHR, which showed how their property will look when the works are completed and gave details on the materials that will be used.

Mr and Mrs Pullan, residents on Middle Lane who attended the session, said: “It was really useful to have the team visit with their unit. It was good to see what will actually happen at each stage in the process, the drawing was brilliant as it gives us something to refer to. We can see what will happen much better now we have been taken through it and been able to ask questions. We can even go away on holiday still when they do the work which is good news!”

Pervez Khaliq, WDH's Project Officer, said: “Residents responded really positively at the consultation. The step-by-step photos prompted lots of questions, which may not have normally been asked if they just received a letter. This has proved on other sites to help reduce complaints during the works. The visual representation of the properties was also very well received, this is the first time we have tried this on a scheme, and I think this definitely contributed to the larger turn out. Lots of people even volunteered to take their neighbours’ photos home for them if they couldn’t attend. We are constantly looking at new ways we can improve our processes and continue to improve customer satisfaction during our improvement works.”


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