WDH welcomes 10 new apprentices

Published 8 August 2016

As part of WDH’s 2016 apprenticeship scheme, we are proud to welcome 10 new apprentices.

The new starters, all aged between 16 and 20, will complete an NVQ in their chosen trade and include three electricians, three joiners, two roofers, one plumber and one gas engineer.

Since 2005, when the organisation was established, over 100 apprentices have joined WDH and have benefitted from our fantastic apprenticeship scheme, with many gaining full time contracts with us at the end of their programme.

All the new recruits recently met Kevin Dodd, WDH’s Chief Executive, as part of their induction.

Speaking about their arrival, he said:

“Every year our apprenticeship programme goes from strength to strength and this year we’ve seen some of the best applicants so far.  With the range of work WDH does every day, all our new apprentices will be very busy building up their practical experience but also accessing some of the best on-the-job training available.”

Stacey Lee Simmons, 20, from South Elmsall, successfully applied for a WDH plumbing apprenticeship.

Speaking about her new role, she said: “I’ve always worked in customer service, and I quite like working with people. I wanted a hands-on job and after studying plumbing at college I thought I’d try my chances. WDH is a big well-known employer, and I’m really happy to have this opportunity.”

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