View our latest development, Newlands Gardens

Published 5 April 2016

Following the completion of our latest new-build housing development, our in-house construction team, Homebuilder, have documented their work in a short video highlighting the project’s progress from start to finish.  

Newlands Gardens, located in Normanton, includes a mixture of 39 two and three bedroom properties and is located on the site of the former Ripley Court Independent Living Scheme.

The site had previously been empty for two years, but was cleared for development in November 2014.

Chris Margrave, Improvements Manager, said: “The scheme is fantastic, and it’s been great to capture every part of the build. The next project will be at Bevin Close in Outwood, which is a smaller development but an equally challenging one as this is a new area for us to be working in. We have already commenced site set up and five houses should be available to our tenants this winter.”


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