Value for Money Annual Assurance Statement launched

Published 17 September 2014

We are extremely proud to launch our Value for Money Annual Assurance Statement 2013/14, which outlines how we aim to provide value for money to all our stakeholders.

Our Annual Assurance Statement explains how we achieve value for money and how it is embedded in our business, showing how we can use value for money to deliver our agreed priorities.

We consider value for money from four key perspectives – customers, corporate, commercial and community.

Highlights of our work include achieving efficiencies of £6.2 million last year, investing £686 million to improve 31,000 properties to the ‘Wakefield Standard’, completing 68,000 same-day repairs and reducing employee sickness by 40% in the last six years.

Through our Annual Assurance Statement we set ourselves ambitious targets for the coming year which will help us to continue providing value for money as we work towards our strategic objectives.

Our Annual Assurance Statement has been launched following consultation with all our stakeholders. Although this consultation is currently closed, you can continue to have your say on what value for money means to you by emailing valueformoney@wdh.co.uk


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