Universal Credit (UC) and your annual rent change

Published 29 March 2021

If you are currently claiming Universal Credit, from 5 April onwards you will receive a ‘to do’ notification on your UC online journal called ‘Confirm your Housing Costs’. Below is an example of what this ‘to do’ task will look like.



Once you receive this ‘to do’ task you should follow the instructions to complete this, using the new rent information you will have received from WDH. This information breaks down your total rent into rent, eligible service charges and ineligible service charges. There is a section on the ‘to do’ for you to enter your weekly rent and a separate section for your weekly eligible service charges. Service charges deemed ineligible for UC purposes (such as water charges) do not need to be updated on the ‘to do’.

Please do not update your rental information prior to receiving this ‘to-do’ task, as this may result in you having to report your annual rent change more than once. If you do not update UC with your new rent within the two-week timescale, your UC payments may be affected.


If you require any help or advice in relation to this, please contact our Debt Team at cdt@wdh.co.uk or on 01977 724464. 


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