Tenants think digital photo guide is brilliant

Published 22 February 2019

Tenants in Lupset have being giving their feedback on a new digital photo guide, created by our Improvements Team to help tenants understand what they can expect when having their homes improved.

The guide, which can be shown on an iPad or tablet, will be used by Resident Liaison Officers during the tenant induction process to explain what will happen at every stage of the works and prompt the tenant to ask more questions. This will hopefully lead to a reduction in the number of complaints that are often received at the beginning of a scheme of works.

Mrs Morley from Lupset, who has previously had roofing work, said: “I think the guide is brilliant. I wish we could have had something like that. I suffer with anxiety and feel that would have put my mind at ease to know that what was happening was normal. It definitely would have reduced the number of calls I made.”

The guide will be especially useful when working with tenants with low literacy levels or whose first language may not be English as it provides much more of a visual aid than the current document that is used.

Mr and Mrs Richardson added: “The guide is very useful, especially for older tenant’s like us, who many not understand technical terms. It was useful to see the step by step photos, if we had seen this it would have prompted us to talk to our neighbour about how scaffolding would affect the drive we share.”

Pervez Khaliq, WDH's Project Officer – Contracts, said: “As a business we really value feedback from our tenants, especially when this can help to improve the service we provide. I have worked on a few schemes now where tenants have mentioned that a photo guide would have been useful, so it’s great to finally have something we can try out with them.”

The guide will now be rolled out to tenants on upcoming roofing schemes and the Improvements Team is looking to create further guides for environmental works as well as schemes undergoing rendering and pointing

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