Taking care of your mental health

Published 30 March 2020

The main priority of WDH is to look after our tenants and the homes they rent from us. But yet in these unfamiliar circumstances it is often difficult to prepare and know how to take the best care of ourselves and our families.

The UK Government has issued clear guidance on what we must do to slow down the spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and this is focussed very much on keeping us indoors and observing social distancing measures.

What we must also recognise is the potential impact this can have on, not just physical but also mental health, particularly as these measures are expected to be in place for some time.

We are aware of how the stresses of regular, daily life can impact on people’s mental health, and our care and health teams are still working to support our customers who need a little extra help.  However, with the added worry and uncertainty around Coronavirus and its impact we need to take extra care to look after ourselves mentally and physically.

As we move into the second week of the national ‘lockdown’ you may feel bored, frustrated or lonely. You may be low, worried, anxious, or concerned about your finances, your health or those close to you.

The NHS has launched it’s Every Mind Matters campaign to provide advice and guidance on how to stay mentally safe and well whilst social distancing or self-isolating at home. The site has lots of information and 12 useful tips on how to take the best care of your health and wellbeing. The UK Government has also issued some guidance to provide support to people at home.

For those looking for more practical support, we have been working closely with Wakefield Council to support the Community Hubs that have been set up across the district. The Hubs have volunteers who can provide a range of help and support to those who need it.

It may be difficult, but by following guidance on social distancing, or staying at home, you are helping to protect yourself, your family, the NHS and your community.

Take care and stay safe.

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