Earth Hour is the 27 March

Published 25 March 2021

Saturday, 27 March marks the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Earth Hour, where millions of people around the world switch off their non-essential lights for an hour in the evening to show they care about the future of our planet.

WWF’s Earth hour gives us a chance to join together and turn off our non-essential lights and unnecessary electronics for just one hour, and collectively reduce our carbon emissions a little bit.

Earth hour can be a great opportunity to get your family to spend time together without screens, or even talk about your impacts on the environment and what you can do as a household to make small changes that reduce your environmental impacts. For further information and ideas of what you can do to get involved, check out the WWF Earth Hour toolkit.

 If you’re keen to learn more about your carbon footprint and how you can reduce it, WWF also has a handy carbon footprint calculator to show you how you can make small changes which could make a big difference!

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