Stay vigilant against bogus callers

Published 24 February 2022

Some criminals impersonate others to carry out crimes. We are urging all our customers to stay vigilant against potential bogus callers who may be targeting our neighbourhoods.

If you believe you have been visited by a bogus caller, you should call the police non-emergency number 101 to report it.

Our tradespeople will always be wearing WDH uniform and carry identification when visiting your home, so you know it’s us.   

If you are unaware of any works due on your property, or are unsure if the tradesperson or one of our partners (who may not be in WDH uniform) visiting your home or calling on the telephone is who they say they are, call OneCALL to confirm  on 0345 8 507 507.

Always ask to see identification. If you are in any doubt, ask the person to call back later. This gives you time to check out if they are from the organisation or company they claim to represent. Do not give anyone you are not sure about access to your home.

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