'Shared Ownership has been a life saver for me.' - Claire, Shared Ownership Customer, St Mary's in Thirsk

Published 7 April 2021

Claire from Thirsk is the latest person to get on the property ladder with our Shared Ownership scheme after buying her home on our St Mary's development.

As a self-employed hairdresser, Claire knew she would struggle to buy on the open market and decided to look at Shared Ownership properties in the local area after finding out about the scheme from her friend.

Claire said: “I wanted to stay in Thirsk following my divorce to be close to my friends, family and customers. After doing some research, I knew the only way as a single, self-employed person, that I could afford to get on the property ladder was with Shared Ownership.”

After contacting us and selling her existing home, she was able to purchase a 25% share in her brand-new home, allowing her to take her first steps as a solo homeowner.

She said: “Courtney from the Shared Ownership team was great. Everything was very well explained and even though I also had to sell my previous home, the whole process took only four months.”

“I would recommend Shared Ownership to anyone looking to get on the property ladder. You get lots of advice and support throughout the process. The fact I can afford to own my own home when I am single and self-employed is amazing.”

Claire plans to purchase the remaining shares in her home when she can. With the Shared Ownership scheme you can continue to buy more shares, as and when you can afford it, until you own 100% of your property.

Claire added: “Shared Ownership has been a life saver for me, it has given me security for my future. I would advise anyone who is single or self-employed and want to buy not just rent, to look into it.”

For more information on Shared Ownership with WDH click here.

Our three bedroom show home at St Mary's Thirsk is open every Thursday between 9 am and 3.30 pm for viewings. 

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