Resuming services...what is important to you?

Published 1 June 2020

As our Prime Minister announces further measures to relax the lock down we have all found ourselves in over the past months, at WDH we are continuing to look at ways that we can continue to reintroduce services safely and gradually.

I asked last week for your feedback on what you think we should prioritise first. Which services do you think need to be made available to you sooner rather than later? There is still the opportunity to give us your feedback by completing this short, five question survey. I hope you will share your views with us so that we can make sure that we get it right. Complete the survey now.

I am pleased to say that we opened up our Homesearch website this week to enable those of you who are looking for a home, to bid on properties. We had a phenomenal response. As a landlord, we are here to provide safe homes for those who need them so bringing back this service was clearly a priority for us and for those of you affected.  

As Boris Johnson has announced the reopening of non-essential retail stores, we are now also looking at ways in which we can reopen our local Hubs and Service Access Points (SAPs) across the district safely. Safety is our number one priority and this face to face service may look a little different for a while, with managed queuing, protective screens and social distancing in place to protect you and our employees. No date has yet been set for this so I ask you to please be patient and understand that we are looking after your safety and wellbeing and don’t want to put anyone at risk. When our Hubs and SAPs do open I would still urge you to consider whether your query could be dealt with by phone or online to avoid any face to face contact at all.

We are still looking at ways to safely introduce our other services, including non-emergency repairs which I know you are keen to see offered again soon. We are following Government guidance at every step and I will, of course, continue to keep you informed as our services come back online.

Please do take the time to give us your feedback. I cannot express to you just how valuable your input is at these difficult times.


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