Residents ARMED and ready

Published 19 November 2019

WDH has partnered with technology business Care Management (CM) to pilot innovative technology that will monitor independent living scheme residents’ health and predict health issues using heart rate, hydration levels, activity, sleep, muscle mass and grip strength, so that we can pre-empt any health issues and make the necessary adjustments.

CM (Care Management) has created a digital remote monitoring system that, using wearable devices, can identify risks in individuals with complex needs – such as those who are becoming increasingly frail or at risk of falling. The ARMED (Advanced Risk Modelling for Early Detection) solution has been designed to address the some of the challenges faced by our aging population. 

40 residents at Newfield House, Springfields and Silkstone Court Independent Living Schemes, in Normanton and Castleford, are currently trialling the ARMED monitoring devices.

The trial has been running for a month now and there has already been noticeable improvements to resident’s health and wellbeing. Many have increased their activity levels in response to wearing the smart device on their wrist and, as a result, have lost weight and/or gained muscle mass. Residents have also been able to make sure they are drinking enough and have improved their hydration levels, which helps reduce the risk of dizziness and falls.

One resident, Beverley, has really embraced the technology and is making a conscious effort to be more active throughout the day.

Over the last four weeks she has felt motivated to go on longer walks and reduce the amount of sedentary hours she has during the day. As a result she has lost 2kg in weight, gained muscle mass and reduced her percentage of body fat. She is also better hydrated.

When asked about the project, Beverley said: “I’m loving it! It makes me think about going out for a walk and drinking more water. It tells me when I’ve been sat still for too long so I get moving. I’m trying really hard!”

The trial will last until the end of December and will be used to help reduce falls and improve health and wellbeing in our Independent Living Schemes and help us to be able to make recommendations to other organisations on how to spot preventable conditions and keep residents healthy and active.

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