Providing transparency and accountability with our latest VFM report

Published 20 September 2021

Our latest Value for Money (VFM) report for the year ending 31 March 2021 has now been published. The full report is available on our website here.

VFM is about transparency and accountability.  Our report highlights what VFM means to us, our tenants and our stakeholders, and the progress we have made during the last financial year to 31 March 2021.

Andy Wallhead, Chief Executive at WDH, said: “We aim to deliver value for money in everything we do and look to drive efficiency wherever possible.  We believe that it is really important to demonstrate how we are performing against what matters most to our communities.

“At the heart of our business model is our ambition to maximise the social dividend that we create. The social dividend is the surplus remaining after our core housing functions are paid for.  We reinvest it in a range of value added services that provide positive impacts for customers and local communities.

“While the pandemic posted a number of challenges over the last financial year, we hope you will agree that VFM report shows how we have made the best use of our resources.”

Last year, our Social Return on Investment (SROI) of our activities and the impact these have on our customers and other stakeholders generated a SROI of £5.36 for every £1 invested. 

Some of the other highlights in our latest report, include.

  • investing over £27m of the social dividend in homes and estates, delivering improvement programmes and fitting energy efficiency measures to improve the quality, safety and energy efficiency of our properties;
  • delivering 216 environmental improvement schemes to ensure our estates are safe and pleasant areas to live and play;
  • enhancing our WDH Hardship Scheme, in response to COVID-19, providing £500,000 of support to help tenants with current rent arrears; and
  • supporting 705 clients on a range of mental health and wellbeing issues reducing the need for support services provided by the NHS and other organisations; and
  • successfully resolving 6,483 complaints of nuisance and antisocial behaviour.
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