Our tenant satisfaction is on the up!

Published 22 December 2015

During the last year we have interviewed a sample of 1,400 tenants over the phone as part of our Tenant Satisfaction Survey.

We know what matters to you most is:

  • being treated fairly as a customer;
  • the way we deal with repairs;
  • the helpfulness of our employees;
  • safety and security in your home; and 
  • keeping the promises and commitments we have made.

You also said we need to improve on:

  • how easy we are to do business with;
  • our ability to deal with antisocial behaviour; and
  • keeping the promises and commitments we have made. 

Our overall satisfaction score is 83.1%, which means our satisfaction levels are similar to companies such as Argos and Aldi.

Over the next year we'll be working hard to improve in the areas that matter most to you and we will keep you updated with our progress. 

We'll interview another 1,400 people across our neighbourhoods over the next year. Our tenant satisfaction surveys are carried out by an external company, TLF, to ensure information is confidential. Your personal details are not used in any way by TLF. 

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