New energy switching service to support Wakefield communities

Published 16 April 2014

An energy switching website and phone service which aims to help WDH tenants and Wakefield residents save money on their gas and electricity bills has been launched by WDH this week.

Providing a whole-of-market comparison, the free-to-use resource has been developed by WDH to support its Switch and Save campaign – a project which aims to help 5,000 people change their provider over the next 12 months.

As part of the initiative WDH is using the fee it receives for helping people switch providers on its website or over the phone to create a ‘Switch and Save Community Fund’. Money from the fund will be used towards making the project self-sufficient and ensuring more people from vulnerable communities get a better deal on their energy.

Alex Hargreaves, WDH’s Tenant Sustainability Officer, said:

“Fuel poverty is a serious problem in Wakefield, and increasingly people are finding it difficult to make ends meet. To help local residents save their money, we’ve been stepping up our efforts to show them just how easy it is to change energy tariffs and suppliers. Since March 2014 people have been able to get face-to-face support at the WDH Hub on the Bull Ring, and now they can switch with us online or over the phone with support from our dedicated team. ”

In 2013 a previous energy switching pilot project run by WDH saved Wakefield residents an average of £170 per household on their annual bill.

To use the service, grab a copy of your latest energy bill and call 0800 112 0206 or visit the Switch and Save website.

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