Meet The Mitchells from Crigglestone, our newest Shared Ownership customers!

Published 7 July 2017

Darren and Josy Mitchell from Wakefield are the latest couple to get on the property ladder with our Shared Ownership scheme.

The couple had previously rented properties with private landlords but decided they wanted to buy their own home.

After registering with WDH’s Homesearch they were then contacted by the Shared Ownership Team to see if they were interested in applying for the shared ownership scheme. After going through the process unfortunately they didn’t have enough deposit to be able purchase a share at that time. Soon after Darren and Josy were offered a new build property on the Crigglestone development they had been originally interested in, under the Rent to Buy scheme. 

The Rent to Buy scheme gives people a chance to get on the property ladder by renting on a short term basis at 80% of a market rent. This scheme aims to help them to save for a deposit to buy through the Shared Ownership scheme.

Darren said: “Using the Rent to Buy scheme really helped give us that boost we needed to get on the property ladder. We got to take our house for a test run, so to speak! It took just over a year for us to save up our deposit and buy. I would recommend government ISA’s for first time buyers, they’re great when you’re saving.”

In 13 months Darren and Josy were able to purchase a 55% share in their 2 bedroom home with a 5% deposit allowing them to take their first steps as homeowners.

Darren added: “The Shared Ownership Team at WDH was amazing. They were very approachable and went above and beyond to make this all possible for us.  They ensured we purchased the share we could afford, taking into account our circumstances.”

“We would recommend Shared Ownership to anyone looking to get on the property ladder. You get tons of advice and support throughout the process and the aftercare is excellent. It allows you to buy a house but at a price that is affordable to you.”

The Mitchell’s plan to purchase the remaining shares in their home very soon and, by using the Shared Ownership scheme, you can continue to buy more shares as and when you can afford it.

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