Looking after the wellbeing of our Independent Living Scheme residents

Published 14 October 2019

We have partnered with technology business Care Management (CM), to pilot innovative technology that will monitor a resident’s health and predict health issues using heart rate, hydration levels, activity, sleep, muscle mass and grip strength.

CM (Care Management) has created a digital remote monitoring system that, using wearable devices, can identify risks in individuals with complex needs – such as those who are becoming increasingly frail or at risk of falling. The ARMED (Advanced Risk Modelling for Early Detection) solution has been designed to address some of the challenges faced by our aging population. 

Nearly 30 residents at Newfield House and Springfields Independent Living Schemes, in Normanton and Castleford, have signed up to take part and trial the ARMED monitoring devices.

The devices work by using technology to measure health data that can lead to a higher risk of health issues and falls. The readings will then be ed to create a ‘risk profile’ for each resident taking part, so that we are able to pre-empt any potential health issues and give advice so theresident can make the necessary adjustments to minimise the risk.

Independent living residents taking part in the three month trial will be given a smart wristband known as a Polar A360, be weighed regularly and take a grip strength test. The data from the Polar A360 will tell the customer how much exercise they’ve taken throughout the day, how much time they have been inactive for and how much restful and restless sleep they’ve had. The Polar A360 will also monitor their hydration levels as this can be a key factor of falls. Based on this information the Polar A360 will send alerts predicting escalating risk. This aim is to help to reduce falls and to improve residents’ overall health and wellbeing.

Look out for more updates on how the devices are benefitting our residents!

Kirsty Jewitt, Care Link Manager, said: “We are excited to be able to trial such innovative technology and we will demonstrate the benefits of using wearable devices to help people to self-manage their Health and Wellbeing and reduce the risk of falls.”



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