Glasshoughton’s greener on the other side of our Day of Action

Published 1 April 2015



Glasshoughton streets are cleaner and greener thanks to an Environmental Day of Action organised by the Wakefield Together partnership of WDH, Wakefield Council and West Yorkshire Police.

Attention focused on The Croft and surrounding streets, with the organisations involved leading litter picking and street cleaning activities. Tenants and residents were also offered guidance on issues including dog fouling and recycling.

An environmental audit was carried out which included a review of the standard of the estate’s open spaces, streets and gardens. Where tenants are unable to manage the upkeep of their gardens, WDH has offered support to maintain them. Where necessary, WDH is looking to take enforcement action against properties who refuse to maintain their gardens to a reasonable standard.


James Sharpe, WDH’s Estate Manager, said: “Friday’s Environmental Day of Action has been a real success, with the partners all chipping in to help  improve the look of the local area and work with tenants and residents to make sure their estate is a place to be proud of.

“It’s important that we continue working together to maintain the quality of our neighbourhoods, and it’s pleasing to be able to work so well with local people to achieve this.”





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