Stop condensation in its tracks this winter.

Published 16 November 2021

Condensation is the number one cause of household problems with damp and mould, but you have the power to stop condensation in its tracks.

Condensation, or little water droplets on a surface, happens when warm, damp air meets a cold surface (like a cold glass of pop on a warm day) or when cold air meets a warm, damp surface (like windows on a cold morning).

This can become more of an issue as the temperature outside drops.

Those little water droplets can cause bigger problems if left to settle. If left, you will probably start to see black mould growing on walls, tiles, or furniture.

Don’t let condensation settle: wipe it, open it, move it.

·       Wipe it: wipe away any water or moisture you see on surfaces such as windows, walls or furniture.

·       Open it: open a window when cooking or when taking a hot bath or shower to let the warm, moist air out. Keep air vents open on your windows and always use an extractor fan.

·       Move it: move furniture and curtains away from walls and make sure air can circulate in your home so the moist air can escape.

Following these simple steps to keeping your house safe and dry means a healthy home for you and your family. It also helps to make sure you avoid any further repairs work that you may be charged for.

To help, we’ve created a fact sheet for you to download and save: Tackling condensation in your home.

For more information and tips on how to keep your home free of condensation, log in to your customer account.

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