Carlton Primary School learn building site safety

Published 21 July 2015

Children at Carlton Primary School learnt a very important lesson about building site safety when WDH visited them last week.

WDH is carrying out extensive refurbishment and improvement works at the nearby Carlton Court Independent Living Scheme, and the children were given a site safety presentation by WDH employees Lee Palmer, Andy Walker and Jane Gwilliam, highlighting the dangers of going on building sites. 

As part of the presentation children were asked to identify safety clothing needed on building site, with nine-year-old Melissa Mason and 11-year-old Ethan Wright volunteering to try on the oversized equipment.

Jane Gwilliam, WDH Tenant Involvement Officer, said: “We think it is essential to give a safety lesson to the children who live around the homes where we are working.  Building sites can look like exciting places for children, and they need to  be aware of the  dangers that are there.”


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