Care Link is there for us when we need it most

Published 24 June 2021

Sandra and Rob Burns, aged 69 and 72, from Castleford became Care Link customers following Rob’s stroke in September 2020.

Their daughter works for Care Link and recommended they tried the alarm and responder services following his discharge from hospital, to help support them at home due to their change in circumstances.

Sandra said: “Our lives changed overnight after Rob had his stroke. When we heard about Care Link, we just knew it would give us and our children peace of mind. They all work and can’t always be here straight away in an emergency, so having that extra support when we need it is fantastic for us all.”

Since they had it installed, they have also used the responder service. The Care Link responders recently attended their home after Rob slipped out of bed. Sandra was able to press the button on his pendant and request help from Care Link who sent out the responders but stayed on the line to reassure Sandra, until the support arrived. The pendant and alarm also work well for Rob, who can press the pendant himself should he need help without having to pick up a phone and dial a number to speak to someone. Care Link have also helped and called 999 for them when Rob suffered a small seizure, leaving Sandra able to focus on Rob until they arrived but also giving her support during this stressful situation.

Rob said: “They responders are fantastic; they arrive quicker than an ambulance! They are worth every penny; I’d recommend Care Link to anyone.”

Sandra added: “The service they provide is outstanding, they are all so lovely and when Rob had a small seizure, they kept me so calm by staying on the line until help arrived. I’d recommend the service to anyone. As we found out, your situation can change suddenly, and you never know when you might need that extra support and reassurance.”


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