Buying the perfect home with Shared Ownership by WDH

Published 28 March 2022

Michelle from Castleford has started her home ownership journey with Shared Ownership by WDH, in her beautiful three bedroom home on the Strata Attitude development.

As a single mum, Michelle knew she may struggle to buy the perfect house on the open market but after seeing an advertisement near her old house and adverts on Rightmove for shared ownership, she discovered the scheme would make it possible for her to buy her own home.

Michelle said: “I had already looked at a couple of shared ownership homes but as soon as I saw my house, I knew it was the one for me without even looking around it! It was spacious and the location was great for my commute to Huddersfield for work.”

After contacting us and completing her applications, Michelle was able to buy 65% of her dream home on the Attitude development by Strata in Castleford.

She said: “The whole process was so easy and straightforward from start to finish, Courtney from the shared ownership team was great. Everything was very well explained, and I could always reach her if I had any questions, the whole process only took about five months I would definitely recommend using a mortgage advisor that has dealt with shared ownership before as this definitely made the process run a lot more smoothly.”

“I would recommend shared ownership to anyone, like me, who is looking to get on the property ladder and not waste money renting, in fact I have already recommended it to some of my friends.”

Michelle plans to purchase the remaining shares in her home when she can. With Shared Ownership by WDH you can continue to buy more shares, as and when you can afford it, until you own 100% of your property.

Michelle added: “Being able to say that I’m now a homeowner is something I am really proud of. Shared ownership has given me and my girls security and stability, my neighbours have made where we live a lovely little community. It’s nice to know we all went through the same process. If you want to own your own home and not just rent, I would definitely encourage you to find out more and speak to the team at WDH.”

For more information on Shared Ownership by WDH or to see our available homes visit: www.wdh.co.uk/AvailableProperties/SharedOwnership/.

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