Be safe this Bonfire Night– don’t build your own.

Published 4 November 2021

This year, we are fully supporting the West Yorkshire Fire Service (WYFS) by asking people to attend organised bonfire events this November, instead of creating their own bonfires following safety concerns.

Every year hundreds of people are injured through the misuse of fireworks. Good and careful planning is essential for any firework displays.  According to NHS digital figures in Yorkshire and The Humber there were 170 A&E visits and between 70 and 100 admissions with a firework-related injury in October and November between 2015 and 2019.

Even though Covid-19 restriction have been relaxed, our emergency services are calling for people to be careful when celebrating this year. Bonfires that are safely managed will be allowed to continue, whilst those that are posing a danger to people, or buildings may be extinguished.

There are several community organised bonfires being held across the district and we encourage people to enjoy the fun and festivities at these events, whilst at the same time helping to keep you and your neighbours safe.

Organised bonfire events will be situated where there’s good access for emergency vehicles, they will be a safe distance from buildings, free from potentially dangerous materials and away from neighbours’ properties and fencing. 

Community Safety Manager, Gary Lumb said: “Bonfire Night is a great British tradition and brings with it a strong sense of community spirit which is very much enjoyed within all WDH neighbourhoods. However, this year we again must ask all our customers to fully respect the advice and guidance given by the West Yorkshire Fire Service to refrain from having a bonfire in their garden.”

He added: “We always want our tenants and their families to be safe, but also encourage everyone to protect the health and safety of our tremendous emergency services and fully support their work. It is very important that our Fire, Police and Ambulance services are not placed at risk by responding to emergency situations that are preventable.”

“Following the cancellation of so many events last year, we want people to go out and enjoy what promises to be a fun time of year across our region, however, our priority is that people reduce any risk to themselves, others and celebrate safely!”

Area Manager for Service Delivery at WYFS, Scott Donegan said: “If possible, it’s best to go to an organised event as the bonfires and firework shows are bigger and more spectacular, as well as of course being much safer. But if you do plan to have a bonfire in your own garden then please follow our guidance.

“That includes only adults buying fireworks, and only from a reputable retailer. Read and follow the Fireworks Code. Think carefully about where you place your bonfire, how you will keep it under control and how you’ll make sure both adults and youngsters are safe around the fireworks and the flames.

“Staying safe with sparklers is crucial. Sparklers should never be given to a child under five, must always be held at arm’s length and in a gloved hand. Once they have gone out put sparklers in bucket of water or sand.”


For further information and guidance on how to keep safe visit:


You can also find advice and guidance on community safety on our website: here.


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