Back to school for creative residents

Published 19 March 2019

WDH residents in Pontefract and Knottingley have taken part in a 10 week course to achieve a qualification in arts and crafts.

The residents who live in Horsefair Flats and independent living schemes in Pontefract and Knottingley came together to study the recognised qualification at Queen’s Avenue Independent Living Scheme in Pontefract, meeting weekly to practice the skills they were learning.

This gave them a chance to get out of their usual surroundings, make new friends and share new ideas.

Jean, a resident at Beluah Court in Knottingley, said: “I have really enjoyed the course so far. It has taught me so many new things and let me meet new people. It has done wonders for my confidence and let me laugh at myself when I get something wrong.”

The group has learned basic crafting techniques and been involved in planning the course, choosing areas of particular interest to them, such as painting with watercolours. As part of the programme, the residents visited The Hepworth Gallery to make sketches, explore art up close and inspire their own works of art.

Claire Secker, Tenant Involvement Officer, visited The Hepworth and was thrilled to see how a one off session had led to a group of residents enjoying the gallery and engaging in something that they maybe wouldn’t have done before the course.

Nicky Ross, the course leader, said: “The whole group really enjoyed the outing. They will now use what they have seen at the gallery to inspire their own Wakefield version of David Hockney paintings.”

She added: “The course has been a huge success, with the whole group interacting together and enjoying each other’s company whilst crafting. One learner in particular struggled with her confidence and was very apprehensive about being with a group of new people, she is now comfortable within the group and her confidence is growing each week, which is a great achievement.”

The group enjoyed the course so much they are now progressing to a longer course to gain an NOCN qualification in Mixed Craft with Adult Education at Wakefield Council.

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